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Remote Control - A critical component could not be loaded. The installation may be corrupt


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The following error occurs while trying to connect to remote agents using the CA Remote Control Viewer:
Unable to establish a remote control session:
A critical component could not be loaded. The installation may be corrupt. 

<Please see attached file for image>

Remote Control Error - Installation may be corrupted


All versions of CA Client Automation


The error occurs if the Remote Control Viewer and relevant CAF plugins are hung.

- Kill CAF using:
  caf kill all

- Validate that all the CAF plugins are killed using Task Manager. If not, kill them.

- Kill all the instances of EGC30N.EXE using:
  taskkill /f /im egc30n.exe

- Clear CAM queue and restart the CSAMPMUX service as below:
  cam change disabled
  csampmux stop
  csampmux start
  cam change auto & cam start -c -l
  caf start


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