CA XCOM Translation Tables for ISO-8559-1 and EBCDIC 037/1440
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CA XCOM Translation Tables for ISO-8559-1 and EBCDIC 037/1440


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When you transfer files between Platforms using ASCII and EBCDIC XCOM has several options for how to translate characters between the two Codes.
1. If global Parameter INTERNAL_CONVERSION_TABLES is set to YES in xcom.glb then hard coded internal tables are used.
2. If that parameter is set to NO then the translation tables located in Subfolder /Convtab are used. There are two delivered by XCOM, one for transfer from ASCII to EBCDIC, named The other one is used for EBCDIC to ASCII transfers and is named
3. If you want to use an individual translation table for
a specific transfer then you can specify parameter CODETABL. More information on that is here: "Using 'Per Transfer' Translation Tables" .


Release: CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows, Linux and UNIX


The delivered translation tables and are useful to transfer Standard ASCII to EBCDIC Codepage 037/1140 and vice versa. If you want to transfer the complete ISO 8859-1 table containing a lot of national special charcters then you need to use a modified table. Please find attached these tables and If you want to use them globally then take backups of the original tables and and copy these new tables as and into /convtab. Then restart the Server to let the new tables become effective.
If you want to use them for specific transfers only then use transfer specific parameter CODETABL.

Broadcom does not take any responsibility for the usage of these two translation tables. They are provided as is without any warranty.

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