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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


During install the CA WA DE Web services will set up the default DE server address.  They can be changed by editing the

How to change default CA Workload DE server address in CA WA DE WebServices?


CA Workload Automation DE 11.3 / R12
CA Workload Automation DE WebServices 11.3 / R12


When Web Services is installed it will connect to only one DE server or High Availability (HA) instance.  If this address or hostname needs to be changed then the will be edited.  The has the Primary and Secondary (for HA) address information.

Gather the exact address and ports of the DE server(s).  Follow these step to update the configuration.
  • Navigate to the WebServices install directory.
  • Shutdown Web Services, using the StopDEWebServices.shStopDEWebServices.bat
  • Change directory to MET-INF inside the install directory.
In Linux
In Windows
  • Open the file using Notepad or vi, (do not use Word or WordPad).  It is highly recommended to backup the file before making any changes to it.
  • Change Primary address to the new address.
# IP or host name of primary server.

# RMI registry port of primary server.

# IP or host name of standby server.
# Use the value for primary if high availability hasn't been configured.

# RMI registry port of standby server.
# Use the value for primary if high availability hasn't been configured.
  • If HA has been setup, then change Secondary as needed.
  • Save the file and start web services.

Additional Information

Login via Desktop Client and go to CLI. Type getproperties  and press enter. It will produce a long list of properties. Scroll look for "(Instance) rmi.registry.port". That will show the port used for RMI.

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RMI port from CLI


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