CA Agile Central Custom Code, Applications, and API Support Policy
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CA Agile Central Custom Code, Applications, and API Support Policy


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With CA Agile Central’s platform extension capabilities, users can build custom apps of any complexity to tailor CA Agile Central ALM to their specific needs; they can apply simple improvements to an existing open source app, or dive in and design their own app from scratch.


Similarly, users may create extensions or altogether new integrations and connectors for CA Agile Central, using our Enterprise Integrations Framework and data access (REST) toolkits, Web Services API and Lookback API, and AppSDK. Learn more in the For Developers Help Documentation.


While these options are available, it is important to understand the SaaS Support Policy around custom applications.


Component: ACAPI



Support (see below for Policy Definitions)

In general, API issues are outside of Available Functionality and CA Support cannot guarantee resolution for these issues, as in most cases they include custom code, queries, apps, etc. While not obligated to provide technical support for issues outlined above, CA Support is willing to provide limited assistance with questions users may have concerning how to leverage the SDK, toolkits, or API. Support cases with these requests will be handled as Severity Level 4 cases. Another option for troubleshooting is to post to Stack Overflow or the Agile Central Community.


If, during investigation of a code or query failure, an issue is identified that can be resolved by CA Engineering or Operations, CA Support may create a defect to be addressed by those teams. However, no SLA or ETA for resolution will be given as this work falls outside of Available Functionality and existing SLAs outlined in the support policy.

Technical Services

In the case that an Agile Central customer has a request to build a new custom application or reports an issue with an existing application built by Technical Services, the client, or a third party, a Technical Services engagement is encouraged. Please contact your Account Manager to find out more about our Technical Services. 


Policy Definitions


Defined terms used in this policy:

·       Available Functionality” means the functionality which is generally available and provided by CA as part of the Service as described in the applicable Documentation for the Service.

·       Client Technologies” means any non-CA Software installed in Customer workstations or other Customer environments.

·       Documentation” means specifications, user documentation, including but not limited to User Guides, Customer Handbooks, SaaS Listings, and technical documents provided by CA regarding the Service and Available Functionality.


As noted in Section 6d of the CA Support Policy and Terms for Software as a Service document:


CA shall NOT be obligated to provide technical support for Client Technologies, CA Software that is not used in accordance with the Documentation, configuration modifications to the Available Functionality, training, customer-generated scripts, custom reports and other content, custom code provided by you or any third party or otherwise not part of the Available Functionality or problems associated with software products running on unsupported hardware, operating systems, or third party software. Any such service may be available on a fee basis, as determined by CA. You may be required to upgrade to a supported third-party software product or release, hardware platform, framework, database or operating system configuration as approved or certified in CA's published specifications to continue receiving technical support services from CA.