Spectrum SPM test host disabled
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Spectrum SPM test host disabled


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CA Spectrum


A number of SPM tests are disabled. The test hosts are in a monitoring state but all the SPM tests running on this switch are disabled and say the device is disabled.


Spectrum 10.2.x


This issue is fixed with Spectrum_10.02.01.D218a. This fix was also included in Spectrum 10.2.3 BMP.


1. Start the processd and SpectroServer. 

2. Open oneClick and set the attributes on the problematic testhosts and SPM tests under it 
into an active state manually.

Test host:
- Set 'isManaged' attibute to 'yes'
- 'Test_Host_State' attribute to ACTIVE (1)
- userdisabled to 'no’
- contact_status  to be 'contact_established' state

Test Host App Model:
- lookup attribute "test_app_MH" on Test host and view the test_app_MH model handle
- use the above model handle in Locator Search > Model > Model Handle to find the app model associated with the test host
- set attribute contact_status on app model to 'contact-established'

SPM Test:
- 'State' attribute to ENABLED (1)
- ismanaged to 'yes’
- contact_status  to be 'contact_established' state

Device being tested:
- ismanaged' to 'yes'
- dev_contact_status  to be 'contact_established' 
- testappMh and device to be 'contact_established' state.

You can use Locator Search to bring up all SPM tests and Test hosts and select-all and use Attribute Editor to manage the attribute changes in bulk. 

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Spectrum 10.2.x