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How can I migrate Agent packages across ACC Environments


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


We have 2 ACC set up, one for test and one for production.

We have build the agent packages in Test and we have tested the same. we need to use the same package to deploy on production server.
In order for the package ( created in Test ACC) to report to the production ACC server, we have change the configurationServer.url parameter in the file of the controller agent to point to production ACC. we have test it and it works.
we have recreated the packages that were created in test ACC  in Prod  ACC with the same package names and the package content.
we expected the agent to report to Prod ACC ( it is) under the same package name ( this is not working).

Need to know whether this is expected to work?


Component: APMISP


This is currently not possible, the agent package is identified by configserver id and package id, not by package name or content. That is why they don't have agents associated with a package even if the package looks the same on both configservers. To have this working they would need to change both confiiserver id and package id in agent configuration. But package ids will probably be different between configuration servers, so would need to get the mapping between packages first. This could hyptotecally work, but has not been tested

There might be a procedure how to export packages and import them to different configserver, but new packages ids will still be different unless the configserver is clean. This procedure is not official, but something like this was used in SaaS for upgrades.

But it will still not solve the problem of agent package association in configserver as the configserver id will be different. This looks more like an enhancement request.