How to enable or disable the capture of only certain metrics


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CA App Experience Analytics


Sometimes it may be useful to have detailed metrics only in determined time frames and not the rest of the time when the system is stable. 
For example when new releases will be deployed and a close monitoring is needed with more metrics than usual.

How can certain metrics be enabled or disabled in CA AXA  A use case would be that it is needed to enable some metrics only when the application is going to be modified in Prod and only for a certain amount of time.


CA Application Experience Analytics (CA AXA), all versions.


There is a limited set of collected metrics that can be controlled from the AXA UI profile window. The following screenshot of UI highlights the sections that can be edited and others not highlighted sections are not editable i.e they would be always collected. 

<Please see attached file for image>

Metrics that can be enabled/disabled in the App Profile

This is from the out-of-the-box perspective. 

A deeped approach would be to consider the SDK but this will definitely affect the analytics. In other words, our SDK has ways to disable collection of network/views/privateZone and gives control to have it collected via apis in a controlled way. For ex: sending only status codes which are errored out makes analytics skewed as % of errored will always be 100% as non problematic urls are never collected.

Additional Information

Use the following steps to edit the APP Profile to enable/disable the metrics

1. Select "Manage Apps" from the left drawer menu 
2. Select the required Application name
3. Select "Edit Profile" (bottom of the page) 
4. Enable/Disable the required metrics by checking/unchecking the corresponding checkbox
5. Save the changes (may be prompted to save it as a different profile)


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