Events not reaching Spectrum from CA Performace Management (CAPM)


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There are some basic checks that can be done if events are not reaching Spectrum from CA Performance Management (CAPM)


CA Performance Management



1) When Spectrum and CA Performance Center (CAPC)  are integrated, the IP Domains form CAPC appear in Spectrum as IP Domain Containers under Global Collections in Spectrum OneClick.
    You must place devices in the IP Domain Containers so they are synced over to CAPC. Discoveries on the devices are performed if necessary and reconciled with the Data Aggregator (DA) items.
    Only events on these items will be pulled over to Spectrum

2) If the DA is not discovering the devices, make sure that "Discover devices from other data sources" is checked for the Data Aggregator Data Source on CAPC under:

Administration->Data Sources

Select the Data Aggregator and click Edit

Make sure "Discover devices from other data sources" is checked and save.

3) On the Spectrum OneClick server that is integrated with CAPC, under Administration->Performance Center Integration Configuration, make sure Event Polling is set to enabled.

4) Ensure the time on Spectrum is in sync with the time on CAPC if the times are off too much Spectrum will never get any events from Event Manager.


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