PDM_K_REINDEX fails with Critical Error


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PDM_K_REINDEX command fails with a 'Critical Error' within the EBR_REINDEX log.  

"The program was not successful due to a critical error. Please see the log files for further details."

The SDM STDLOG shows the following errors:

SDMSERVER sqlagt:CREATE_IND 9716 ERROR sql_common.c 302 CREATE INDEX returned 11  [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server] [ SQL Code=0 SQL State=08S01] Connection failure

SDMSERVER sqlagt:CREATE_IND 9716 ERROR sql_common.c 303 CREATE UNIQUE INDEX "ebr_fulltext_adm_x0" ON "ebr_fulltext_adm" ( "id" ASC ) 

SDMSERVER sqlagt:CREATE_IND 9716 ERROR sqlsrvr.c 651 Execution failed. MISC_DB_ERROR

SDMSERVER bpvirtdb_srvr 3176 ERROR vdbsql.c 5791 CREATE INDEX agent got database error 15


Based on the error messages, there is a problem with the SQL agent (sqlagt:CREATE_IND) connection to the DBMS server that has the MDB database. 


CA Service Desk Manager 14.1 and 17.x
All Supported Operating Systems


Restart the SDM service to reinitialize the SQL agent (sqlagt :CREATE_IND ) connection to the DBMS server that has the MDB database. 

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