Spectrum NCM captures are truncating the configuration
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Spectrum NCM captures are truncating the configuration


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CA Spectrum


Whenever Spectrum NCM captures a configuration on a device it is coming back to Spectrum incomplete.
It seems as though it is being truncated some where.


Component: SPCOCK


This is generally caused by network latency.


Increasing the TFTP Timeout and DCM Timeout values will help alleviate this problem.

To increase the TFTP Timeout:

1. Within OneClick Console, select the Configuration Manager Model.
2. Select the Information Tab.
3. Expand TFTP Configuration
4. Increase the TFTP Transfer Timeout (sec) to a higher value.

To increase the Device DCM Timeout:

1. Select the device within OneClick Console
2. Select the Information Tab
3. Expand CA Spectrum Modeling Information
4. Increase DCM Timeout value generously.  (Max value is 60000, default is 3000)

Attempt the capture again and note the config is complete or more has downloaded.
If you are still not getting the entire configuration - increase the timeouts more if possible.
If are you maxed out, you will need to address this from a network level.