CADD058E SPLx Cannot append LDS error starting CADDSPLx environment
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CADD058E SPLx Cannot append LDS error starting CADDSPLx environment


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


We are attempting to start the CA Dispatch CADDSPLx environment (tasks CADZSPLx and CADZSAPx) but are receiving the following error(s) and the tasks will not start:

CADD058E SPLx Cannot append LDS. MAXCAD=50  in Parmlib mem ber IEASYS

You may also see messages:

CADD074E SPLx unable to perform DIV MAP                   
CADD060I SPLx Return Code: 00000012  Reason Code: 6C000611

Note: Reason Code 6C000611 is not documented in IBM manuals for all functions.                                                  




The systems MAXCAD value (as defined in the IEASYSxx member usually located in the SYS1.PARMLIB) is too low to support the number of data spaces for this CADDSPLx environment.

The MAXCAD value indicates the maximum number of SCOPE=COMMON data spaces for the entire system. The DEFAULT value of MAXCAD is 50.
Each of the CA Dispatch/CADDSPLx related LDS files is a SCOPE=COMMON data space.

This message follows message CADD102E that displays the name of the LDS dataset that was being processed when the error condition was found. The CADDSPL address space terminates.


Action: Increase the systems MAXCAD value.

Note: The system must be IPLed for the updated MAXCAD parameter to take effect.

Circumvention until IPL can be performed: 

The only other alternative would be to END other, less critical applications, that are also using SCOPE=COMMON data spaces. This action may free up enough of them so that you can successfully restart the CA Dispatch CADDSPLx environment. 

Additional Information

CADD058E - Dispatch 11.7 Message Guide 

RI65367 - Title: PDC MESSAGE - CADD060I REASON CODE 6C000611