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How to perform self-certification for a device with the snmpcollector probe


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This article provides an example of how to do self certification.

- Discovered arrayNetworks device in snmpcollector probe.

- The device has CPU usage oid ( as per the vendor MIB. However, snmpcollector probe uses UC-Davis oid ( to calculate CPU usage rather than the vendor MIB.

We would like to change it, but according to the devicesupport portal, vendor MIB ( does not appear to be certified.

Please explain how to create self certification to meet my requirement.


  • UIM 8.5.1
  • snmpcollector 3.43
  • Self certification portlet 1.14



1. You already obtained vendor MIB file for your device.

2. You already know which OID you would like to use.

3. Self cert portlet have been deployed and available in UMP.


- I already have arrayNetworks MIB.

- I would like to develop one custom certification to support CPU usage with vendor mib as follows.

[Metric Family] CPU

[Metric] Utilization

[oidcpuUtilization (

Step1 - Open self cert portlet, select snmpcollector probe instance you would like to work with.

Step2 - Input information of device you would like to certify.

User-added image

Step3 - Open MIB File Manager, Add MIBs to add your vendor MIB files, select and Load it.

User-added image
User-added image

Step4 - You will see "private" tree, enterprise > arrayNetworks > performance > cpuUtilization OID, and [Add to OID Cart]

User-added image

Step5 - Highlight CPU Metric Families in CPUs tree.

Step6 - Highlight [Names] and input name of metric.

In this example, we are using "CPU".

- For the string part, please make sure your string to be surrounded by double quote.

- This name is used for QOS target, so take time to consider the best name.

Step7 - Highlight [Utilization] and click "Create expression".

User-added image

In this example, double click "cpuUtilization" variable.

Step8 - Save as new custom certification.

A new cert file is created in <UIM>/probes/network/snmpcollector/CustomVendorCertifications folder

Step9 - Deactivate and activate snmpcollector probe to reflect the new cert file.

Step10 - Rediscover (Force Component Rediscovery) device profile.

Step11 - Highlight newly discovered CPU component, click option, "Run Vendor Certification Test", and make sure new cert is applied.


Additional Information

I have attached few samples of cert file created in this example.

If you would like to develop custom certification for multiple Metric Families (for example, CPU Usage and Memory Usage), 
you need to iterate the same steps for every Metric Family, as multiple Metric Families cannot be included in one custom certification.

Limitation (The Self Certification feature does not)
- It is not possible to create new Metric Families.
- It is not possible to create new Metrics.

Please take a look at this about self certification feature.

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