byte data not found at message.png - Jasper report error
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byte data not found at message.png - Jasper report error


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


When Viewing Report by Selecting : Reports -> Universe –> Select Certification Report

Error is  : net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRRuntimeException:net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException:Byte data not found at: message.png.



IG 12.65
Oracle RAC 12c Database
JBoss EAP 6.4.0.GA 
Jasper Server 6.2 
Windows 2012


The Image source missed from the Report.


1. By using "Jaspersoft Studio-6.6.0" , Edit the problematic Report.

2.  Need to use the same URL as when you connect to jasperserver console

ie :

with Credentials : superuser/password

3. Click on Servers,  expand “JasperReports Server”, Expand “Organizations” -> IG -> Reports

And select the Report you want to modify. Ie: Certifications ,Expand the Certifications Report Folder.

- Confirm the message.PNG file is present on images folder and the con is Displayed Correctly.

4. Now Edit the Report. Do the following :

Right click on Report Name (ie. Certification) and select “Open in Editor” option .


5. From the Report, the message Icon it not displayed as Expected. 

   The Image Should looks like a message Icon (on this specific case) , but we realized that was showed as generic Icon.

    Image source seems to be wrong.

6. Need to set Image Source correctly to resolve , 

   Right click on the Image Icon and select 

  “Change Image Source” option

7.  Choose  “Select a resource from JasperReports Server” and then click on Browse option 


8. Expand Organizations->IG-> resources-> images , and select the image missing..



User-added image

Select the message.PNG 

9. Click “Finish” and Ok


10. You could have problems to save the Report Changes (just Allow to Save As..), so suggestion is to

 use “Preview” Tab first (located under the Report Editor) and from Jasper Studio Menu-File, you will see enabled the option “save” .


11. You will see a Prompt from Export Report to JasperReport Server, asking if

      - Do you want to publish this report to JasperReports Server? , answer : YES

Publish this report to JasperReports Server

12. Click on Next ,

13. Click on Next, and Finish

14. You Will need to Do the same changes for each report failing due message.PNG file missed.

On this case the Report files are the following :





15. Review the Report to confirm the problem was resolved.

User-added image

Additional Information

You can download Jasper Studio from here :


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