Windows Agent is not showing Active on CAWA


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


We have installed windows agent 11.4 and agent is communicating from both side (server to the agent and vice-versa) but it is not showing active on CAWA DE scheduler.


The Agent's encryption type and key does not match the one defined for the DE scheduler in the Topology. You can find exceptions like these in agent's logs;

07/25/2018 14:01:31.882-0500 1 TCP/IP Controller Plugin.Receiver pool thread <Regular:1>.CybReceiverChannel.a[:234] - cybermation.library.communications.CybConversationException: Unexpected encryption type. DES received. AES expected.

07/25/2018 13:38:27.097-0500 1 TCP/IP Controller Plugin.Transmitter pool thread <Regular:1>.CybTargetHandlerChannel.a[:628] - Error sending message to CENTRAL_MANAGER:
cybermation.library.communications.CybConversationException: Unexpected encryption type. DES received. AES expected.


CA WA DE r12.x
CA WA Agent 11.x on Windows


Check to make sure the the agent name in agent's agentparm.txt and in DE Topology match.  The names (or an alias) must match for the manager and agent to properly communicate.

The Agent's encryption could be reset after installation using either option 1 or 2.

Option1: If your encryption key is the same across active Windows agents, copy the cryptkey.txt file from a working and active agent to the installation directory of the inactive agent, and restart the agent. By default, the cryptkey.txt file is located in agent installation directory as set in agent's agentparm.txt file. For example;
security.cryptkey=C:\Program Files\CA\Agent\cryptkey.txt

Option 2: Use the keygen utility in agent installation directory to reset the encryption on the Agent after agent installation;
i. Stop Agent
ii. Change to the Agent installation directory.
iii. Enter the keygen command to specify the encryption method and key at the command prompt:
For example;
keygen 0x3132333435363738 DES
- The encryption key should be prefix with 0x
- The encryption key and type should match the one defined the the Topology.
iv. Start Agent

Option 3: If the Agent was installed as AE (Autosys) agent instead of generic agent, uninstall and reinstall the Agent as generic agent to work with CA WA DE using a matching encryption with DE Scheduler.



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