Spectrum SouthBound Gateway not processing events
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Spectrum SouthBound Gateway not processing events


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


I have set up Southbound Gateway (SBG) before in the past with success. I am setting it up again but I am not seeing my traps processed on EventModel or EventAdmin models. It appears as though Spectrum is ignoring my AlertMap and EventDisp files I created and edited. I checked the files and they are placed in the correct location <SPECROOT>/custom/Events/gen_app_gw/EventAdmin. They have proper syntax. I have reloaded events on the VNM model, and restarted SpectroSERVER. Why is my SBGW not working?


Windows environment
Version agnostic (affects all versions)


If files are saved in Notepad or Wordpad or similar text editor, the text editor may append the file with an extension. The default extension for Windows Notepad and Wordpad is *.txt

Spectrum cannot read flat files used for processing events if they are appended with an extension. Thus Spectrum cannot read "AlertMap.txt" or "EventDisp.txt"


Check if Windows Extensions are hidden. If Extensions are hidden, it is difficult to tell by filename if the file is saved with an extension. 

Go to any Explorer window and go to View menu. You will see option to enable Extensions on the right. With Extensions enabled, check your AlertMap and EventDisp files and verify they are NOT appended with an extension. If they are, remove the extension. Reload Events on VNM model and test SBGW integration again.