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OpenAPI OData exported data format change post upgrade


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


OpenAPI OData output is missing data after an upgrade from r3.1 to r3.5.

Exporting data for the Reachability Metric, one CPU Metric and one Memory Metric through the OpenAPI OData tool for the CA Data Aggregator (DA).

Exported data is taken and loaded to a back end database for additional analysis.

At first glance it appears that half of the Memory Metric data expected is missing for some, but not all, items in the exported data set.


All supported CA Performance Management releases


There were many defect fixes for issues with OpenAPI OData queries between releases r3.1 and r3.5. In this instance we're observing the results of those solutions. In the r3.1 release the Memory Items now present should have been included in the data export.

Once they were added, for many devices the output changed in the OData export.

Previously it contained data for 2 items, one for CPU and one for Memory. In that instance we can add Reachability and have it all in one line with clean formatting in the output.

After the upgrade, now that many devices have a second Memory item being included for the requested Memory Metric data, we have three items in the output.

Due to limitations with the formatting of Reachability data for a single device representing more than 2 items in the output, it shifted the output in the resulting data export.

Reviewing the data more closely, all data points requested were included per item names and IDs compared with data time stamps in the exported data.


1: To add this new Memory items Metric data change the way the exported data is addressed when imported on the back end so it knows what to do with the changed format.

2: Filter the unwanted Memory items from Polling through Monitoring Profile Filters. Once removed from Active Polling, they were no longer included in the OpenAPI OData export. This returned the formatting to the original configuration and allowed the import tools to function properly again.