While monitoning a program with CA Intertest CICS the client receives an ABP - ASRA Abend S0C4 breakpoint on a CICS FREEMAIN command.


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The client is monitoring a COBOL program with CA Intertest CICS r 10. The client receives a ABP breakpoint and the following message when issuing a CICS freemain of shared storage. 
ASRA Abend S0C4 detected and prevented. Caused by an attempt to us op/sys protected area.

If the client turns off CA Intertest CICS monitoring the program runs without error.


The client is issuing a CICS FREEMAIN of share storage. CA Intertest CICS isues a ABP breakpoint to warn the user that they are freeing share storage that may be needed by another task.




Specify the USH=ON parameter for the program issuing the freemain To unprotect shared storage.
USH Unprotect Shared Storage
The USH option removes storage protection from all main storage areas residing in the SHARED storage subpool. This option lets a program change all CLASS=SHARED storage, and other storage areas in the SHARED subpool. FREEMAINs of these areas are permitted; however, the four-byte Storage Accounting Areas remain protected.

You cannot set the USH=ON option from the CA Intertest CICS menu's. You will need to specify the USH=ON option using an CA Intertest CICS line command at a clear screen.
Once you have breakpoints set for your program you can enter the following command from a clear screen in CICS to add the USH=ON option to your program. In the example below the program is COBDEMO


 CAIN4580 USH option(s) processed
 CAIN4513 This request has been processed.

This information is documented in the CA Intertest R 10 Users guide under topic
USH Unprotect Shared Storage