Run Embedded Tomcat as a started task with Web Viewer 12.1 for USS
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Run Embedded Tomcat as a started task with Web Viewer 12.1 for USS


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Output Management Web Viewer


Here is a JCL example for running Tomcat as a started task using your current installed Web Viewer with the embedded Tomcat from a full install of Web Viewer.

There is also another alternative from our CA Common Services Group (CCS).  In this case, the embedded Tomcat in not used. That would be a separate install of Tomcat where you would then deploy the Web Viewer basic install WAR files.


Release: Output Management-Web Viewer 12.1
Component: WBVLUW


This is sample JCL for running embedded Tomcat as a Started task.  
//PRTOMCAT PROC LEPARM=, < Optional LE parm // ARGS='start', < Args to Java class // JAVACLS='org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap', < Java Start // VERSION='86', OK < JVM version 8.0 (64 bit) //*TCPDATA='VTAM.TCPIP.TCPIP.DATA', < SYSTCPD dsn from TCPIP proc //*LOGLVL=' ' < Set log level to none // LOGLVL='+I' < Set log level to Info //* //* Start the Tomcat Server //* //TOMCAT EXEC PGM=JVMLDM&VERSION,REGION=0M, // PARM='&LEPARM/&LOGLVL &JAVACLS &ARGS' //*STEPLIB DD DSN=&LIBRARY,DISP=SHR //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSOUT DD SYSOUT=* //STDOUT DD SYSOUT=* //STDERR DD SYSOUT=* //CEEDUMP DD SYSOUT=* // PEND //EXTOMCAT EXEC PRTOMCAT //STDENV DD DISP=SHR,DSN=<#YOUR DSN HERE#>

# This member contains all the environment variables # used by the JVM to start the Tomcat server for a # a particular product # # 1.) Edit INSTALL_HOME to point to the USS path # that contains the deployed CA Common Services for z/OS # Tomcat directory. # # 2.) Edit PRODUCT_HOME to point to the USS path # for this Tomcat product instance. The path should # not include the /tomcat dir itself. # # 3.) Edit the CATALINA_HOME Common Services /tomcat directory # name if required. /tomcat will always point at the # default tomcat release that common services is # delivering and may change to a higher release if # CCS maintenance is applied or a new release of CCS is # installed. If a product needs a particular release of # Tomcat use this directory naming- /apache-tomcat-v.r.nn # where v is version, r is release, and nn is modification # level. CA Common Services will deliver .nn levels as PTFs # and new v.r levels as new FMIDs. New v.r levels can be # controlled with the CATALINA_HOME setting. Older .nn # levels within a v.r level will not be available for # choosing here. # # 4.) Edit JAVA_HOME to point to the location of the JDK # # 5.) If you are using 64 bit Java, change the s390 directory # to s390x in the LIBPATH. From the command line, issue: # C /s390 /s390x all # # CATALINA_BASE=<#YOUR TOMCAT PATH#> CATALINA_HOME=<#YOUR SAME TOMCAT PATH#> # For 64-bit JAVA ------------------------------ export JAVA_HOME=/sys/java64bt/v8r0m0/usr/lpp/java/J8.0_64 export PATH=/bin:"${JAVA_HOME}"/bin:"${CATALINA_HOME}"/bin CLASSPATH="${JAVA_HOME}/lib/tools.jar" CLASSPATH="$CLASSPATH":"${CATALINA_HOME}/bin/bootstrap.jar" CLASSPATH="$CLASSPATH":"${CATALINA_BASE}/bin/tomcat-juli.jar" export CLASSPATH="$CLASSPATH": # For 64-bit JAVA ------------------------------ LIBPATH=/lib:/usr/lib:"${JAVA_HOME}"/lib/s390x:"${CATALINA_HOME}"/lib LIBPATH="$LIBPATH":"${JAVA_HOME}"/lib/s390x/classic export LIBPATH="$LIBPATH": CAOMWV12_HOME=<#YOUR HOME INSTALL PATH#> export CAOMWV12_HOME="$CAOMWV12_HOME" # Configure JVM options # Note that Tomcat requires default ASCII file.encoding IJO="$IJO -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" IJO="$IJO -Duser.timezone=America/New_York" IJO="$IJO -Dcatalina.base=${CATALINA_BASE}" IJO="$IJO -Dcatalina.home=${CATALINA_HOME}" IJO="$IJO${CATALINA_BASE}/temp" IJO="$IJO -Dibm.serversocket.recover=true" IJO="$IJO -Djava.endorsed.dirs=" IJO="${IJO}${CATALINA_HOME}/common/endorsed" IJO="$IJO -Dderby.system.home=${CATALINA_BASE}/../../derby" IJO="$IJO -Dlog.dir=${CATALINA_BASE}/mfui/logs" IJO="$IJO -Xshareclasses:name=none" IJO="$IJO -Xms1024m -Xmx4096m" # TEST #IJO="$IJO -Xdump:filter=/OutOfMemoryError" #IJO="$IJO -Xdump:heap+java:events=vmstop,request=exclusive+prepwalk" IJO="$IJO -Xdump:directory=/u/users/omdev/apps/dumps" # END TEST # --- garbage collection -- # The -Xgcpolicy options control the behavior of the Garbage # Collector. There are a number of changes to garbage collection # options. The changes to the garbage collection options are: # # Recommendation for Web Viewer/Tomcat on USS # -Xgcpolicy:optthruput IJO="$IJO -Xgcpolicy:optthruput" export IBM_JAVA_OPTIONS="$IJO " export IBM_HEAPDUMP=false export JAVA_PROPAGATE=NO export IBM_JAVA_ZOS_TDUMP=NO /*

Additional Information

You may also consider the CA Common Services supported Tomcat when getting ready for production.  CA Common Services supports their Tomcat instance

Information on the CCS Supported Tomcat can be found at the link:

Deploy and configure CCS Tomcat.