Created Event for IEFC4521 error?
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Created Event for IEFC4521 error?


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CA 7 Workload Automation


When a CA-7 submitted batch job fails with an IEFC4521 error, what kind of event is created? How is the situation handled?


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JOB NOT RUN - JCL ERROR 980 -- this indicates there is a jobcard issue

A IEFC452I indicates that the job failed with a 'JOB NOT RUN - JCL ERROR 980'. This is not an event. When CA 7 submits the job from the REQ Q, it moves the job record to the RDY Q and a copy of
the jcl is then submitted to the jes queue, waiting to to through jobcard interpretation. If the job fails in the internal reader, there is no SMF feedback to pass back to CA 7, so the job record
in CA 7's RDY Q never progress to the ACT Q. Simple put, there is not SMF feedback. The job is then in limbo from a CA 7 standpoint. There is nothing in CA 7 to let you know that the job has failed.
Your only indicator is that a job is in the RDY Q, and not moving to the ACT Q. Once you see jobs in the RDY Q and not moving to the ACT Q, you should investigate those jobs. Remember, jobs in the 
RDY Q can be legitimate, because they could be waiting on initiators.