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OOTB Data Sources CA PPM DWH Bean connection failed


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When trying to test the CA PPM DWH Bean, the connection is failing.


The CA PPM DWH Bean uses DWH schema as datasource and if the connection check is failing there could be multiple reason like 

  • DWH schema is not configured 
  • DB Link is not working 
  • Database parameters might have changed 
  • User Jasperadmin profile attributes are corrupted 


All supported versions of Clarity


For the above mentioned cause, here are the resolutions for On Premise Customers' Only. 

  • DWH schema is not configured  - Administrator needs to check 
      • Configure the data warehouse and detailed information are documented 
  • DB Link is not working 
  • Database parameters might have changed 
      • If the database parameters are changed in CSA or properties.xml that needs to be synced with Jaspersoft and below command needs to be run from clarity bin directory
      • admin jaspersoft syncPPMContext -userName superuser -password superuser 
  • User Jasperadmin profile attributes are corrupted 
      • Due to various reason the user jaspeadmin's user profile attribute is corrupted then below steps needs to be performed 
      • Log in to Jaspersoft as Superuser  
      • Search for user jasperadmin under your organization you created for integrating with Clarity and edit the user
      • Look for tab Attributes on the right-hand panel
      • Delete all the attributes except domainWhitelist as that is read only
      • Now log in to Clarity application server
      • Navigate to CLARITY_HOME\bin and execute admin update jasperParameters

Note: Image of Jasperadmin user profile attribute 

The user jasperadmin profile attribute can be deleted using REST API PUT method oo and below is an example 

URL :- http://JasperURL/reportservice/rest_v2/organizations/ORGID/users/jasperadmin/attributes?&name=encryptionImplementationMode&name=dwhDBVendor_enc&name=dwhDBUser_enc&name=dwhDBPassword_enc&name=dwhDBServerURL_enc&name=dwhDBDriver_enc&name=dwhDBServer_enc&name=dwhDBName_enc&name=dwhDBSchema_enc&name=dwhDBLink_enc&name=dwhDSAttributesChangedTimestamp_enc&name=dwhDBProtocol_enc&name=ppmDBVendor_enc&name=ppmDBUser_enc&name=ppmDBPassword_enc&name=ppmDBServerURL_enc&name=ppmDBDriver_enc&name=ppmDBServer_enc&name=ppmDBName_enc&name=ppmDBSchema_enc&name=ppmDSAttributesChangedTimestamp_enc&name=ppmDBProtocol_enc&name=ppmAppServer_enc&name=webDeploymentURI_enc&name=ppmValidationQuery_enc&name=dwhValidationQuery_enc

Request Type :- PUT



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