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Jaspersoft Scheduled Reports "Start Date" is not dynamic


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The required field "Start Date" in the scheduled report is static, and does not get adjusted automatically when the report runs. 
For example: A report is scheduled to run monthly, and the Start Date is entered as 09/1/2017. When the report runs on 9/1/2017, it produces data for September 2017 through August 2018. When the report runs on 10/1/2017, the Start Date remains the same which means that you get reporting data from September 2017 through August 2018 again, instead of from October 2017 through September 2018. 

1. Navigated to Advanced Reporting > Reports > View List. 
2. Right-clicked on a report, and selected Schedule (to schedule a report). 
3. Set the following field: 
4. Start Date - On Specific Date: 9/1/2017 
5. Recurrence Type: Calendar 
6. Month: Every month

Expected Results: Report to display data from the current month. 
Actual Results: Report displayed data from the Start Date. 


Caused by DE36999


Release: CODFSS99000-15.4-PPM SAAS FedRAMP-Sandbox-Small Environment


DE36999 has been resolved by engineering in PPM 15.4.1 and later releases.