Spooler probe doesn't start after applying windows authentication to the Nimbus Robot Watcher


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


According to the documentation "Install or Upgrade for an External CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server" customer did the following:
4. Run the cabi or cabi_external probe as a Windows authentication user.
a. On the robot with the probe, go to Administrative Tools > Services and double-click on Nimsoft Robot Watcher.
b. Select the Log On tab.
c. Change the account to the same account and password that is used in the data_engine and the primary UIM server.
d .Click OK.
e .Right-click on Nimbus Robot Watcher and select the Restart option.
f. Close the windows.
g. Restart the robot.
After this steps the spooler probe doesn't start. 
Which rights does a windows user need to start the Nimbus Robot Watcher Service?


UIM 8.5.1
CABI 3.2 install and set up Windows Authentication for CABI


That was solved after adding user to the local admin group.

Additional Information

Requirements for Windows Authentication - see here 
Add a domain administrator with permission to Log on as a Service on both the CA UIM system and the database system.