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Spooler probe does not start after enabling windows authentication


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


According to the documentation "Install or Upgrade for an External CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server" customer did the following:
4. Run the cabi or cabi_external probe as a Windows authentication user.

a. On the robot with the probe, go to Administrative Tools > Services and double-click on Nimsoft Robot Watcher.
b. Select the Log On tab.
c. Change the account to the same account and password that is used in the data_engine and the primary UIM server.
d .Click OK.
e .Right-click on Nimbus Robot Watcher and select the Restart option.
f. Close the windows.
g. Restart the robot.

After this steps the spooler probe doesn't start. 
Which rights does a windows user need to start the Nimbus Robot Watcher Service?


UIM 9.x/ 20.x
CABI install and set up Windows Authentication for CABI


That was solved after adding user to the local admin group.

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