TDM Subset: Joining tables that are part of complex UNIONS and Selects


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We have a complex query with Select with in a Select and has UNION in the query. While building a subset for this, we are seeing some limitations to add a AND clause. During a Webex with Engineering, we found that Data Maker processing is not honoring the excluded tags for the tables which are not needed.


TDM 4.5


This issue has been addressed in the following and This fix will use a new entry in the file extract called InSelect. This new entry will be picked up by datamaker through the transformation map when saving a map and linking it to a GT subset. A new option can be seen called 'SQL Join Ex' which will use the InSelect entry.

Please contact CA Support for these versions or if you are installing a GA Version after 25July2018, please contact CA Support to verify that these fixes are in the GA version you are installing.

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