Endevor Primary Option Panel: 4 Environment
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Endevor Primary Option Panel: 4 Environment


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One of my agencies is trying to give me authority to access their environment without giving me full-blown Admin access.
I can get into their Endevor, but on the Primary Options Panel, there is no number 4 -- there is a blank in front of "ENVIRONMENT - Define or modify environment information" instead of a number, and I cannot select it.
I suggested that they give me READ access to class $ENDEVOR profiles C2.ESI.*.PMENU.ENVRMENT and C2.ESI.*.*.*.ENVRNMGR.
This did not have the desired result of making option 4 available.
Can you tell me what profiile is checked to make option 4 available? Thanks!


Component: ENDBAS


Endevor is secured by profiles in the $ENDEVOR class

Do a SETROPTS REFRESH RACLIST($ENDEVOR) to resolve the problem.