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Java_pidxxxxx.hprof Files Keep Filling Up /DevTest/tmp Directory


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


Would you like to determine cause of the creation of java_pidxxxxxx.hprof files in the /DevTest/tmp directory on DevTest 10.3 server. These files have caused the volume to fill up multiple times.

It seems these hprof files are created every time the server is rebooted. 


After looking at the stack track looks like the hprof file is getting created because of the Broker. 



Component: ITKOTF


Added the -Xmx1024m setting in the BrokerService.vmoptions file and rebooted.

No new hprof files were created in the tmp folder.

Additional Information

If you are not doing agent testing, there is no need to start the Broker. 

All DevTest components have a built in Broker, so to disable it you can add this to the file: 


You would have to restart the components to pick up the property.