Various errors when upgrading SCM on Windows
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Various errors when upgrading SCM on Windows


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We have tried to upgrade the SCM Client and VSIP plugin on several Windows computers and encountered a variety of different errors:

Couldn't find Visual Studio IDE installation present in the System or the Visual Studio installation is corrupt. Cannot proceed with the installation.

Error 2343.Specified path is empty.

ERROR: etpki installation failed with error code 3

UPGRADE.EXE has stopped working 
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.

How can we complete the upgrade?


CA Harvest SCM Client and VSIP plugin v13.0.3 on a Windows computer


The "upgrade.exe" provided on the SCM v13.0.3 installaton DVD was not meant to be used on a computer that has the SCM VSIP Plugin.  In such cases you will need to perform the traditional uninstall of all SCM components using Control Panel -> Services, and then install the new version of SCM after that.


The correct upgrade sequence should be:

1. Shut down all SCM components and Visual Studio
2. Navigate to Control Panel -> Programs and uninstall first the Enterprise Communicator, and after that all existing CA SCM components on the computer.
3. Rename or delete the SCM home folder
4. Reboot the computer
5. Install the new version of the SCM VSIP plugin first
6. Install the SCM Client or Workbench Only client
7. Reboot the computer.

Following this sequence will ensure a successful upgrade.