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Current Asset Detail - Selected Devices No Input Parameters


Article ID: 107870


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CA Spectrum


After following the guidelines written in KB000006046 where the q_entity_id query is edited to remove security, performance issues are still seen.


Component: SPCRPT


The query is also gathering interface information for the select box "Show devices with interfaces only".
In order for this box to work, we need to gather the interface information for every single device.
The larger your environment, the longer this will take.

You can prevent that from happening (disable that feature) by editing the query again and removing more lines:

1) Please login as Superuser. 

2) Now in home page go to View drop down we will get an option like "Repository", Click on that. 

3) Now Navigate to root-->Organizations-->spectrum-->capability-->inputcontrols folder. 

4) Now choose queries. 

5) Now choose q_entity_id cilck on 'edit'. 

6) Now click on 'Next' again 'Next'. 

7) Now you will have a tab with name Query String, make the query look like this:

SELECT e.entity_name, e.entity_id, l.domain_name,CONCAT(e.entity_name," ",'(@',l.domain_name,')') name
FROM (select current_model_key,entity_id,entity_name,destroy_time,landscape_h from entity) e 
inner join landscape l on e.landscape_h = l.landscape_h 
inner join devicemodel d on e.current_model_key=d.model_key 
WHERE  e.destroy_time is NULL
GROUP BY e.current_model_key 
ORDER BY e.entity_name

8) Save your changes.

Performance of the individual reports should be improved.