Enterprise Team Center Domain access after applying 10.7 SP1
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Enterprise Team Center Domain access after applying 10.7 SP1


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


I recently deployed SP1 to our Infrastructure, which has 1 ETC and 4 Provider clusters that it manages. I need to understand the impact of the SP1 and the new feature for Domain Universes that is enabled and how my domain.xml should be configured on my ETC for access. Currently, when users log into ETC, they don't see anything in the views. They only see the Webview for the 4 provider clusters. None of the Domains that users have access to show up in the ETC. Only SuperDomain.

Users can launch the Webview for the provider cluster and use Investigator just fine. Problem is with ETC and the various views there.

The question is all our LDAP users that only have "read" permission. These users are in our LDAP and the LDAP group has an underscore in it. This group works fine on the provider MOM's in the domains.xml and all access is as expected. The problem in with the ETC and the universes created there. None of the LDAP users have access to the Universes created there and it appears the ETC Universe access control strips the underscore from the LDAP group name. Can our groups have underscores for ETC?


APM 10.7.0 SP 1


Installing APM 10.7.0 HF 9 allowed seeing ldap groups with underscores