How to retrieve previous entered CA 7 commands using the /FETCH function.
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How to retrieve previous entered CA 7 commands using the /FETCH function.


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CA 7 Workload Automation


CA 7 use many combinations of commands referred to a 'Top Line Commands' Each command has a variety of keywords within their syntax. These commands can be labor intensive and must be re-entered as needed.  To reduce or eliminate the need to type out each command, CA 7 offers a /FETCH command that retrieves top line commands entered since the last /Logon.


Release: ESPSEV99000-11.3-CA-7-Extended Support Plus


When in use, commands entered on the top line are stored in a buffer known as a command ring. The command ring can hold up to five top line commands. When the sixth command is entered, the oldest command in the ring is erased so that the new command can be stored. In this way, the five most recent commands are saved.

You can override the default number of commands stored in the command ring buffer using the MAXRINGSZ= keyword on the OPTIONS statement in the CA 7 Initialization file. Repeated executions of /FETCH retrieve commands in the order that they are stored in the ring, from most recent to the oldest.  Use /PF to assign this command to a PF key for ease of use. Also, by default, PF2 is set to perform the /FETCH command.

PF Keys can be assigned using the following command examples:




Once all PF Keys have been entered, you must enter /PROF,K=SAVE to save your settings to your CA 7 profile. 


As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA 7 if you have further questions.