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Error in service-desk-config.xml file when clearing alarms in Spectrum OneClick


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CA Spectrum


The following error is seen in Spectrum OneClick when manually clearing an alarm:

The syntax error below was found in XML file: service-desk-config.xml please contact administrator to resolve the issue, then restart this client.
Error on line-1: Premature end of file


Any Spectrum version integrated with Service Desk


The <SPECROOT>/custom/svdsk/config/service-desk-config.xml store the settings for the Spectrum/Service Desk integration. 
The problem is usually related to an empty file, or corrupt file


To resolve the problem, the steps are as follow: 

1. Remove the following file from the OneClick server: 

2. Make a copy of the following file: 

3. Place the copied file in the following directory: 

4. Restart the tomcat service. You should be able to clear the alarm after this.

Another possible solution is to do only step 1 and then browse to OneClick page, click on Administration tab, and then on Service Desk Configuration.
Modify the settings for the integration as needed and click on "Save" button to save the changes (bottom of the page). A new service-desk-config.xml file will be created on <SPECROOT>/custom/svdsk/config/. You should be able to clear the alarm after this.