Can I use AWS RDS as a Database for CA ITPAM
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Can I use AWS RDS as a Database for CA ITPAM


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We have a client using AWS RDS database as DB instance for all applications. Can CA ITPAM support AWS RDS instance?



Component: ITPAM



CA Process Automation is not currently certified in cloud environments (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.). There are no plans, at this time, to officially certify ITPAM in the cloud. With that said, as long as the underlying platform and network connectivity requirements are met then it should be possible to run ITPAM in the cloud. 

Some points to consider: 

  • If you are looking to use ITPAM in cloud environments then it is recommended to have all the following servers in the same geographical location to avoid network latency issues:
    • ITPAM Server(s)
    • EEM Server(s)
    • ITPAM Database Server(s)
  • If you are setting up an ITPAM cluster environment then make sure the connectivity between the cluster nodes is good without any network latency. 
  • CA Process Automation is deployment in JBOS which runs in JVM. Java is platform independent.