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CP/WP of one cluster node are not visible in AWI Administration perspective


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


In a cluster configuration, the CP and WP of one node are not shown in the Automation Web Interface Administration perspective.
When checking on the server, the CP and WP are started and are working.


Component: AAUTEN


Correctly configure your AWI and your firewalls.
<tomcat>/webapps/awi/config/uc4config.xml as in the following example:
    <logging count="10"></logging>
    <trace count="10" xml="0"></trace>
        <connection name="AE Prod" Production" system="AEPROD">
			<!-- FIRST NODE -->           
			<cp ip="aehost01" port="2217"/>
            <cp ip="aehost01" port="2219"/>
            <cp ip="aehost01" port="2221"/>
			<!-- SECOND NODE --> 
            <cp ip="aehost02" port="2218"/>
            <cp ip="aehost02" port="2220"/>
            <cp ip="aehost02" port="2222"/>
  • the firewall between Automation Engine nodes and the AWI server: observe and configure the necessary firewall exceptions so that the CP and AWI servers are mutually accessible. This concerns both external firewalls and OS firewall (for example Windows internal firewall).