Sharing a DevTest Installation
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Sharing a DevTest Installation


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


Different users of the DevTest application can have their own data directory, while sharing a common DevTest installation. In this scenario, users only need read access to the DevTest programs directory.


Component: ITKOTF


When installing, the default data directory is a subfolder that is named DevTest within the user's home folder. Example: %userprofile%/DevTest

Using the %userprofile% (or '~') user home variables is useful for system administrators who are installing this product on behalf of other users. These variables resolve to the user's home folder of whatever user is using the product. The specified data directory must exist and the user must have write permissions to it. If it does not exist, the installer creates it and tests to be sure it is writable.

Server Components

When installing Server components, the installer prompts will only prompt for a data directory if it detects a previous upgrade from a Shared Installation.

Note: We strongly recommend that the installation directory and the data directory are the same for server components. If you have used a shared installation previously, you can continue to do so; refer to previous versions of the user documentation for support.

If the data directory is different from the installation directory, DevTest creates a file in both the installation directory and in the user's home folder. The property in this property file tells the product where the data directory is located. The user must have write permissions to the specified data directory. If the data directory does not exist, the installer creates it and test to be sure it is writable.

The components included in the data directory are:

Workstation Components:,, _de-identify.xml, hotdeploy, library for customizations, projects with assets, examples folders

Server Components: hotdeploy, CVS Monitor, VSE Deploy

On initial startup of DevTest Workstation, Projects, Examples, and Templates (,, and _de-identify.xml) are copies or refreshed from the install directory to the data directory.

You can also specify the location of the file that defines the property by setting the system property or the LISA_USER_PROPERTIES environment variable. If the property has been defined as a system property, the system property definition takes precedence.