Using a different ID after signing on to TPX
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Using a different ID after signing on to TPX


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


I have a user who signs into TPX using the ID BY113. When the user signs into a CICS session, TPX automatically uses the ID E126682. The 'E' ID is used to signify an employee. However, now the employee is a contractor and therefore the E126682 as been removed and replaced with the ID C607553. How do I go about changing the reference in TPX to go from using E126682 to C607553? 




This can be changed either from the "TPX User Maintenance" or " TPX Profile Maintenance"

From the "TPX Session Options".
Select the Session.
Check the "ACL Userid:_________  field
The "ACL Userid  specifies the one- to eight-character user ID that the ACLPGM uses as the &USERID parameter for this session.
Change the USERID from the old to the new.