How to generate a critical alarm for power down alarm event in Spectrum
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How to generate a critical alarm for power down alarm event in Spectrum


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We have a Nexus Switch critical to operations. We experienced a power supply failure on the switch which generated event 0x002104b2. However this event is not configured to Alarm so we missed this outage. How do we change this so if the power supply fails, we will get a Critical Alarm? 


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Some events are "change" events generated from traps sent by a device and are not configured to alarm out of box. Change events may not have separate and unique "UP/ON" and "DOWN/OFF" traps associated with them. Therefore it's not as simple as just changing the Severity of the event to generate an alarm. There is not a built-in method to Clear the alarm when the "up" or "on" trap is sent.

These steps will show how to create an Event Condition which will assert a Critical Alarm when the trap indicates a power failure, and a Clear event when power is restored. 

In this article, we will be working specifically with event 0x002104b2, "Power Status Change Event", but the principles here can be applied to any status change event.


  1. The first thing to do is gather some information regarding the trap. You will want to determine the variable binding that contains the Status Change attribute, as also check that same Status Change OID to find what possible power status options the trap can send.

    To find the Status Change variable binding, first use a search tool to look for the AlertMap which contains information on event 0x002104b2. Search the $SPECROOT/SS/CsVendor for this information. Once found, you should see an entry in the AlertMap like the following:

    # cefcPowerStatusChange                      # cefcFRUPowerOperStatus    0x002104b2,0)\
    # cefcFRUPowerAdminStatus           ,3)

    " " is the trap OID. The cefcFRUPowerOperStatus is the options for the power supply status. This is Event Attribute "1" as designated by the (1,0) at the end of the OID.

  2. Next, look up the Trap Details in MIB Tools. Search the trap OID and view the Information on it:

    As you can see, cefcFRUPowerOperStatus "on" = (2)

  3. Then use Event Configuration Editor (ECE) to start creating the events needed.

    - Copy event 0x2104b2 2 times, creating two custom events. In this example we created 0xfff00007 and 0xfff00008

    - in ECE, look up 0x2104b2. Select it and click the COPY button.

  4. Next is to create an Event Condition on event 0x2104b2:

    On event 0x2104b2, create this condition:

    If event attribute 1 != 2, then generate event 0xfff00007

    If event attribute 1 = 2, then generate event 0xfff00008  

    The Event Rule will look like:

  5. Next step is to edit the Events 0xfff00007 & 0xfff00008. Edit event 0xfff00007 so that is asserts and alarm and edit the Alarm Title and Cause code, and any other options you want.

    Then edit event 0xfff00008 to clear 0x2104b2.

  6. Make sure you SAVE your work. In Event Configuration Editor (ECE), choose File > Save All

  7. Then reload events by update Event Configuration:

    • In OneClick, access the VNM Model

    • Go to Information tab > SpectroSERVER Control subview

    • click Update Event Configuration

Additional Information

There may be a problem with the Event Table file which is the reference for the cefcFRUPowerOperStatus OBJECT-TYPE status

Check the file at $SPECROOT/SG-Support/EvFormat/EventTables/PowerOperType_en_US 

It should contain twelve (12) options. If some are missing, you can add them:

0x00000008 failed 

0x00000009 onButFanFail 

0x00000010 offCooling 

0x00000011 offConnectorRating 

0x00000012 onButInlinePowerFail 


Save and update Event Configuration:

  1. In OneClick, access the VNM Model

  2. Go to Information tab > SpectroSERVER Control subview

  3. click Update Event Configuration