CAT1 CICS transactions
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CAT1 CICS transactions


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We had some discussions with our CICS guys yesterday about category 1 transactions, near as we can tell, if someone initiates a CAT1 tran from a terminal, CICS issues an error saying that the transaction can’t be executed from a terminal. Since in most (if not all), Top-Secret adds these transactions to the TRANID bypass list, we were wondering why this was the case. Since it seems like CICS won’t allow the transaction to run from a terminal anyway.


Component: TSSMVS


Category 1 transactions are system transactions that should never be initiated from a terminal. If a Category 1 transaction is associated with a terminal, it will fail with an AEY7 abend. These transactions seem to only be used by the CICS region acid and DFLTUSER. TSS is distributed with the Category 1 transactions in the bypass list. Since an AEY7 abend occurs if these transactions are associated with a terminal, users won't be able to execute them. If these transactions are removed from the bypass list, they should be permitted to the CICS region acid and DFLTUSER.