How to Copy or Migrate a Panel to other SOLVE or Netmaster regions
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How to Copy or Migrate a Panel to other SOLVE or Netmaster regions


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This document contains multiple options with step by step instructions on how to copy/migrate a new or changed panel to other SOLVE or Netmaster regions.


All supported releases of SOLVE:Access SOLVE:CentralSOLVE:OperationsNetmaster Suite


Step 1: Create a new PANLUSR dataset using the same JCL that was used to build it when the region was created.

Step 2: Concatenate the resulting VSAM file in /PARMS PANELLIB member on the region where the panel to be copied 

              Depending on your product, release and customization, you will already have two or more libraries defined.
              Your new panel definition will look something like this

         Library ID 3 ...... PANLUSR   Description .. single panel
            Dataset Name ... hlq.PANLUSR
            Disposition ...+ SHR

            Editable Paths . PANELS
            VSAM Options ..+

          Action the parameter group (PF6) once you have made the changes.

Step 3: Go to /PANEL and select option M to move/copy the panel from PANLUSR into the new data set.

             Use a ‘?’ in the Library Name field, which will allow you to easily select the exact input and output files 
             under option M.

             Path ........... PANELS   
        Panel Name .....     
        Library Name ..+ 

             Complete the move/copy function for the desired panel(s).

Step 3a: Unallocate the dataset from this region.

Step 4: Migrate the new one by logging onto the other region

Step 5: Concatenate the VSAM dataset in /PARMS analog Step 2.

Step 6: Go to /PANEL and select option M to move/copy the panel from new data set to your existing PANLUSR 
             analog Step 3.
Step 6a: Unallocate the dataset from this region.

Step 7: Repeat from 4 th step down on each system.


- OR-


Alternatively you can simply cut-n-paste the panel into each system but be advised that you will not have any audit trail of what you have done.


- OR-

Use a repro job to copy the panel directly from one dataset to another.

STEP 1: The following sample JCL copies panel $RMMCMDCONF from hql.existing.PANLUSR to hlq.empty.PANLUSR:

//             CLASS=A,MSGCLASS=X,MSGLEVEL=(1,1)
//INDD     DD DSN=hlq.existing.PANLUSR,DISP=SHR,
//         AMP=('AMORG,BUFNI=5,BUFND=20')
/*         AMP=('AMORG,BUFNI=5,BUFND=20')
//SYSIN    DD *

  FROMKEY(X'001000015BD9D4D4C3D4C4C3D6D5C640') +
   TOKEY (X'001000015BD9D4D4C3D4C4C3D6D5C640')

NB. You will need to change the Jobname, DSN and panel name to match your environment.
       The panel name in the key is in HEX format and padded to twelve bytes. 
       Thus the panel name $RMMCMDCONF becomes 5BD9D4C3D4C4C3D6D5C640. 
       00100001 is the standard panel dataset record prefix.



STEP 2: Use the same job to migrate the panel to a new region but 
       - Change the INDD to contain hlq.empty.PANLUSR
       - Change OUTDD to contain hlq.region.PANLUSR, which is the PANLUSR to which the panel is being copied.


NOTE: The region to which the panel is being copied must be stopped prior to running the IDCAMS job.






Additional Information

For the Netmaster Suite products, the first method for migrating is also contained in the Install Guide in the chapter on Completing Migration.