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Violations when trying to do a CEMT INQ TRAN xxx


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


After upgrade when trying to do a CEMT INQ TRAN(xxxx),  getting violations
for INQUIRE access. What would cause this?


Component: TSSMVS


Need to set PCTRESSEC=HONOR on the CICS facility and RESSEC=NO in the CSD entry for the CEMT transaction so there won't be any secondary resource checking.
Issue a TSS MODIFY FAC(cicsfac) for the CICS facility 
If PCTRESSEC=OVERRIDE is set, this forces secondary resource checking for 
transactions regardless of the RESSEC= parameter in the CSD entry for the 

If PCTRESSEC=HONOR is already set, check the CSD entry for CEMT 
in CICSCA and make sure RESSEC=NO is set. (RESSEC=YES will drive secondary 
resource checking and RESSEC=NO will not drive secondary resource checking.)