Open for Time Entry field on a Secure Subpage is Editable on Resource List


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The resource's Open for Time Entry field is on a secure subpage. However, it's remains editable on the Resource List page. The expectation is that the secured sub-page should prevent users from updating this field while still being able to edit other Resource fields. 

Steps to Reproduce: 
1. Navigate to Home > Resource Management > Resources 
2. Create a New resource called 'Test' 
3. Navigate to Administration > Studio > Object > Resource 
4. Go to views > Click on [Layout:Edit] for 'Resource Labor' 
5. Click on Subpage for 'Settings' and set display conditions i.e project time tracking 
6. On the Resource List view > 'Options' set the AVP to: Use display conditions and secured subpages to protect attribute values on this list 
7. Navigate to Home > Resource Management > Resources 
8. Click on 'Test' resource > Properties the setting page is secured and hidden > Click on 'Return' button 
9. Add 'Open for Time Entry' to the resource list view 

Expected Result: The 'Open for Time Entry' shouldn't be editable 
Actual Result: The 'Open for Time Entry' is editable


Caused by DE39961


Release: CODFSS99000-15.4.1-PPM SAAS FedRAMP-Sandbox-Small Environment


After DE39961 was reviewed by Product Management, it was determined to be working as designed. The expectation is not correct based on these steps. To enable this behavior as expected, the condition will need to be set on other type of resources as well (i.e Material, Equipment, and Expenses). Once the condition is placed on all types of resources, the expected results will work. 

Additional Notes:
  • This applies to other fields besides the Open for Time Entry field.
  • If a field is on a secured subpage on all resources types, it will either need to be removed from all unsecured subpages on the four role types or added to secure subpage on the roles as well as the resources. Only then will all the fields on the secured subpage on the role be uneditable on the list page.