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[AWA] RESET TASK scripting used to just simply reset the task in the schedule


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Is there any Automic Workload Automation [AWA]  scripting that will reset a task from inside of a schedule that was previously stopped?
It is not just modifying a task or restarting a job. Such as in an active schedule, for workflows/jobs with a status of “ENDED_TIMEOUT start time exceeded”, under the option “Modify task”, there is another option to “Reset task”. If the Rest Task option is used after an unplanned outage or a maintenance window to run anything that did not run that should have run while the system was down. The Reset task option will look at any calendars and calendar keyword that the specific workflow/job might have and run or not run accordingly.
Issuing a “Go Immediately” here or “Restarting” everything in the schedule would disregard the calendars and just run everything, which is not a wanted result. 
If there is no current logic in place, can this be submitted as a request for development?


Component: AAUTEN


The feature is not available at the moment.
Please kindly create and submit your new idea for this feature on our community following this instruction video.

All AWA ideas will be post in this community page