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Unexpected Oracle backend nodes appearing


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


I have a customer that is running JBoss accessing an Oracle RAC and i'm getting some strange classes showing up int he investigator under Backends related to negotiating a connection and transmission of packets. I'm just trying to get a handle on what they are telling me, if they should actually be there, etc? I'm inclined to say its' some kind of instrumentation hiccup

A screenshot shows two unexpected nodes 


Identified backends coming from autopersist.pbd 


APM 10.5.x

Resolution remove lines from autopersist.pbd  Disable Automatic Entry Point Detection

Or comment out lines Found in the Autoprobe log

Using directives list file E:\CA\introscope-jboss-\core\config\hotdeploy\AutoPersist.pbd 
Starting file dump for E:\CA\introscope-jboss-\core\config\hotdeploy\AutoPersist.pbd 
 TraceOneMethodWithParametersOfClass: getNextPacket()V ExitPointErrorTracer "Backends|{domain}|{classname}|{method}:Errors Per Interval" 
raceOneMethodWithParametersOfClass: getNextPacket()V ExitPointTracer "Backends|{domain}|{classname}|{method}" 
 TraceOneMethodWithParametersOfClass: getNextPacket()V ExitPointBackendTracer "Backends|{domain}" 
TraceOneMethodWithParametersOfClass: negotiateConnection(Loracle/net/jdbc/nl/NVFactory;Loracle/net/jdbc/nl/NVNavigator;ZZ)V ExitPointErrorTracer "Backends|{domain}|{classname}|{method}:Errors Per Interval" 
 TraceOneMethodWithParametersOfClass: negotiateConnection(Loracle/net/jdbc/nl/NVFactory;Loracle/net/jdbc/nl/NVNavigator;ZZ)V ExitPointTracer "Backends|{domain}|{classname}|{method}" 
 TraceOneMethodWithParametersOfClass: negotiateConnection(Loracle/net/jdbc/nl/NVFactory;Loracle/net/jdbc/nl/NVNavigator;ZZ)V ExitPointBackendTracer "Backends|{domain}"