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CA Identity Manager: HornetQ error keeps repeating in server log after a successful startup


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Even though vApp IDM 14.2 starts up successfully, the following errors keeps repeating in the server log. Would like to know why and how to stop this from being reported. Wildfly-idm version that comes pre-packed with vAPP 14.2 is in use.

ERROR [ims.tmt.IMSMessageListener] (Thread-9 (HornetQ-client-global-threads-1621968353)) processToEndState: Exception occured during event processing: No object of type IM TASK found for identifier '1414'


Component: IDSVA


Most probably a bad task identifier in the JMS queue. Try the following:

- Log into the vApp command line as user ‘config’
- Stop the IM service.
- Execute this command: deleteIDMJMSqueue
- Restart IM.