CEMWHSE & CEMALERT crashing after altering DSN list
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CEMWHSE & CEMALERT crashing after altering DSN list


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Compliance Event Manager


CEVM 6.0 IR3(RO97806)+ Top Secret and using a DATACOM repository
After deleting a dataset list and trying to cycle the CEM* tasks, CEMALERT & CEMWHSE tried to come up but crashed with a CEM0934E on a dataset list (Crit_DS_OSVS_1) I had deleted.

I will attach the log output CEM0266E CEM Policy MAPINIT Failed, RC = 0000001C CEM0934E Invalid DSN List name = "Crit_DS_OSVS_1" && (ACCESS!=READ || 521 ACCESS=WRITE || ACCESS=UPDATE).UUID=9ceead7e-d92d-46b4-9ba5-95404d9057 CEM0203I CEM Listener Termination




The 'EM0266E CEM Policy MAPINIT Failed, RC = 0000001C' error is an indication that there is a syntax error with a Policy Statement.
The error 'CEM0934E Invalid DSN List name' message identifies the syntax error encountered. If the dataset list (Crit_DS_OSVS_1) has been deleted and an active Policy Statement is referencing the deleted dataset list, that would explain the syntax error.
Can you edit the Policy statement, remove the reference to the deleted dataset list, and restart the component tasks and let us know the results?