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Jaspersoft Domains do not have custom DWH fields (Resetting the Jaspersoft domains)


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


The custom fields checked for Data Warehouse (DWH) are not appearing in the Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting domains for users to create their ad hoc queries.
We executed the DB schema report and the attributes are there in the DWH tables but not in domains. What can we do to fix the issue?


Release: All Supported
Component: Clarity Data Warehouse


Step 1: Run the below command:

admin content-jaspersoft csk restoreDomains -userName <superuser> -password <superuser>

  This will reset the OOTB Jaspersoft domains to default.

Step 2: Once done, run Load DWH job – Full Load until completion.

This job will create all custom attributes and update all OOTB attributes (when needed) to Jaspersoft domain.

Additional Information

Reference: Load DWH job frequently reported issues