Malformed events after applying FIX:RO90350
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Malformed events after applying FIX:RO90350


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CA Security Command Center CA Data Protection (DataMinder) CA User Activity Reporting


After applying FIX:SO01032 (incorporating Integration_14.5_HF0239 and Integration_x64_14.5_HF0240) - see Data Protection integration using an EMC SourceOne Office 365 job, for more information - some events appear to be malformed.  This may include the following attributes.
  • Have no Sender
  • Have no Subject
  • Have processed only part of the mail for example, some attachments may be missing.


CA Data Protection 14.5.


This was a caused by a programmatic issue during the mail identification stage.  While identifying the journal mail the code checks for the substring "X-MS-Journal-Report" in the mail header. In some cases for non-journal mails the substring was incorrectly identified because previously processed journal mail buffer stream was followed by an improper null terminated character.


FIX:SO04571 (incorporating Integration_14.5_HF0241 and Integration_x64_14.5_HF0242) has been released to address this issue.  The fix is available to download from the CA Support Portal (

Additional Information

Orchestria APM, Orchestria EPM, Orchestria, CA DLP and CA DataMinder are all previous brands for the product known as CA Data Protection.