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How to umount and run fsck on a problematic file system of CA APIM gateway


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


Case description:
When there is disk I/O problem, mysql or gateway would not be able to run properly.
fsck command should be helpful, but it requires the file system is un-mounted.
There is another way to run fsck on all file systems at boot time. This article is for those don't want to run fsck on all file systems, but just umount a mount point, and run fsck on it.


Component: APIGTW


Here is an example to umount /tmp and run fsck on it.
Before proceed,  ensure it's not a problem of file permission, or disk space running out.
1. shutdown all running processes 
service ssg stop 
service mysql stop 

double check, 
ps -ef|grep java 

kill all the running applications 

2. unmount /tmp 
umount -l /tmp 

3. run fsck on /tmp 
fsck /tmp 

4. Mount /tmp again.
mount /tmp