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Single Sign On does not work on Jasper Server when using LDAP in CA Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


Single Sign On does not work on Jasper Server when using LDAP in CA Spectrum


CA - Spectrum = 10.X
Jasper server = 6.3.0, 6.4.2 or 6.4.3 
Operating System = Linux


When Single Sign On is enabled in Jasper Server and at the same time if you enable the Single Sign On feature in CA Spectrum, you may face access issue for Jasper SSO and using LDAP in Spectrum.

Jasper SSO - Enabled + Saved
CA Spectrum SSO - Enabled
CA Spectrum - LDAP


1) In the CA OneClick Spectrum machine, go to $Specroot\tomcat\webapps\spectrum\repmgr\admin folder.

2) Copy the 'spectrum.jks' and '' files.

3) In the Jasper machine, go to <<CABusinessIntelligenceINstalledDIR>>\apache-tomcat\webapps\jasperserver-pro\WEB-INF\config folder.

4) Replace the existing 'spectrum.jks' and '' files with the copied files from CA OneClick Spectrum machine.

On the Jasper server:

1.Stop tomcat and copy applicationContext-externalAuth-template-mt.xml file from cabi-media (cabi-media\samples) folder to Tomcat/webapps/jasperser-pro/WEB-INF/ folder. 

2.Make sure no backup file in entire webapps/jasperserver-pro folder(ex: like application-context.xml_bak),no duplicate file for any file in WEB-INF folder. 

3.From the following bean remove the "highlited/ commented" portion in applicationContext-externalAuth-template-mt.xml after copying the file to Tomcat/webapps/jasperser-pro/WEB-INF/ folder. 

<bean id="cabiTenantUserValidationProcessor" class="" parent="abstractExternalProcessor1"> 
<property name="multiTenancyService"> 
<ref bean="internalMultiTenancyService" /> 
<property name="caJasperUtils"> 
<ref bean="cajasperutils" /> 
<!-- property name="ldapUserAttributesUtillist"> 
<ref bean="ldapUserAttributesUtil" /> 
<property name="ldapreq" value="1" /> --> 

4.Restart Tomcat . 

5.Check Jasper login from Spectrum UI. 

Also - Special characters in usernames is not supported in SSO.