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Version Missing Can Execute Only Releases Created From These Templates User Permission


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


In CA Release Automation 6.5 and earlier you could set the user to be a "Release Designer" and then specify which Templates you wanted the user to be able to create releases from (available via the environment -> "Can execute only releases created from these templates"). At that point a user could try and submit a release for a deployment plan created by a template they didn't have permissions to but would get the error "User has no permissions."

However, in 6.6 the new User Management page still makes "Release Designer" privilege available but does not offer any way to specify which Templates the user can execute releases from. So they would need the permission "Execute Releases In All Environments" at the application level or to "Can Execute All Releases" at the environment releases - effectively giving the user access to deploy any/all templates.


CA Release Automation


The feature of granting permissions templates was added for the “old” (pre 5.X) templates architecture.

Later, we changed the templates feature, the “old” templates became the template category, and we added new deployment templates under the categories. We didn’t change the permissions accordingly, so the permissions (prior to 6.6) were actually for categories rather than deployment template. 


The use case described for the issue where this was brought up was determined to be a use case that would be best handled by assigning permissions to the process and allowing users to run it in a specific environment per process. If you believe you have a use case that requires permissions for individual categories or deployment templates then please open an IDEA on the Broadcom Communities for Release Automation to begin dialog with a product manager. 

To submit an enhancement; please submit a new 'Idea' to the Broadcom product communities in the Ideation area:
Click 'Add' button on the right side of the page, Provide a Title, and detail regarding the requested enhancement to the software, including business requirements, screenshots if and where relevant.  

Select Release Automation from the Categories list and submit.