Flowdock - Administration: How to set up Data Retention


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If messages within a flow contain personal data or other sensitive information, it may be beneficial to configure custom data retention policies within Flowdock to align with internal processes and GDPR.


Component: FLODOC


To enable custom data retention policies, a customer must be on Flowdock Enterprise. See https://www.flowdock.com/enterprise for more.

Once the organization is upgraded to Enterprise, CA Flowdock Support can set the data retention policies as specified by the customer. 

The policy can be set in # of days for Flow messages as well as Private messages. This does not include Inbox items. 


When a user is deleted from Flowdock, does his/her data also gets deleted, or is it stored somewhere? 

All data is stored on our servers indefinitely unless the organization requests the setup of a data retention period. If an organization sets up a data retention period, data for all users in that organization is deleted according to the retention period setup. 

If the data is stored, and the user that got deleted, re-enters Flowdock, will he/her be able to see his/her old data, as if they never were deleted? 

If a user is "removed" from an organization by a Flowdock Administrator or if a user leaves an organization, the Userid is not deleted. The only way a userid can be deleted is if the user deletes their own account. So to answer your question, yes, if a user is removed from an organization or leaves an organization, they can re-enter Flowdock and will still have their data as long as they did not delete their user account. If the user actually deletes their account, then they will have to create a new Flowdock userid to get back into Flowdock and the old data will not carry over to the new userid. 

When that same user is re-enters Flowdock, are the 1-on-1 still available? And are they able to see past activities in the flows and 1-on-1s? 

If the user didn't delete their account their old 1:1's will still be available as long as the other person in the 1:1 is still part of that Organization too.